Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Case Study of Media Evolution

Posted by Craig Westover | 10:50 AM |  

I'm not really all that comfortable linking to a post that says flattering things about me, but when it both says nice things about me AND makes me look smarter than I really am, well -- I'll make an exception.

Bogus Gold provides some excellent insight on ways the blogosphere is influencing the mainstream media -- if you assume that a "semi-pro" journalist from the means streets of Afton counts as part of the mainstream media. Referring to my Sunday post, "Explain yourself, Westover" BG writes -

This is one of the best illustrations of the way the new media is changing the old I have seen yet. It's not an environment where newspapers are erased, as much as one where newspaper columnists must step down from their lofty soap boxes to connect with their readers. Many good journalists are recognizing this and responding - even thriving. Others continue to ridicule from their traditional perches to their detriment.
Like I said, I didn't know I was that smart, but BGs got it exactly right.

Read the whole piece.

I sent it along to both Art Coulson and Vicki Gowler at the Pioneer Press, both of whom expressed interest in the MOB party at Keegan's. Solid observation and insight like the BG piece is what people in the mainstream media need to read. With the disdain the Strib shows for blogs and blogging, there's another opportunity here for the Pioneer Press to create some leverage in the community. Sooner or later they've got to bite on one of these opportunities.