Sunday, February 06, 2005

Cathy's the "Wright Stuff"

Posted by Craig Westover | 11:01 AM |  

Cathy in the Wright (who writes with humor and insight in a style reminiscent of the way Laura Billings doesn’t) found these gems at the Science Museum of Minnesota

and knows exactly what to do with them.
Can you say "Suck the fun out of a birthday party?" Bwah ha ha ha ha! I can't wait to give these to someone.
I have to add Ben and Al to my wish list of action figures, which along with hoped for production of a Jesse Ventura “Light Rail Engineer” figure, includes a set of My Dinner With Andre action figures, featured in the satiric Christopher Guest movie Waiting for Guffman.

If you haven’t seen this little gem about a small town community theater production, pick it up on your next movie rental safari.

The Twin Cities is a lot bigger than the mythical town of Blaine where the movie is set, but nonetheless the struggles of the Blainians to overcome STS (Small Town Syndrome)
and have their local production move to Broadway provides some insight into local STS victims like the Editorial Board of the Star Tribune, which deludes itself thinking it is a national paper of record, and a local columnist nee radio host, who confuses controversy with relevance.

Who else is “Waiting for Guffman"?

UPDATE: George "Patton" Yost, named for his grandfather's favorite General, son of Pioneer Press Opinion Page Associate Editor Mark Yost, owns a Benjamin Franklin Action Figure. Who woulda thunk it?