Saturday, April 09, 2005

Much ado about a memo

Posted by Craig Westover | 7:01 AM |  

While my conservative friends scramble to get on the right side of the GOP talking points memo and (rightly) castigate the author, and Democrats rev up to full gloat mode, both sides might step back a little bit and think things through -- at this point, if it every did, does it really matter who wrote the memo?

I bought the memo as genuine when I posted here. That doesn’t necessarily make me very smart; it never dawned on me that it might be fake. When that possibility was raised, frankly it was a shoulder shrug issue. It didn’t matter. It’s existence in and of itself is symptomatic of a greater evil.

Principle ought to come before party; unfortunately issues like the Schiavo case where the moral high ground is in play are ripe for political plundering -- and the rape and pillage of Terri Schiavio extended far beyond the “who dunnit” of a talking points memo.

Regardless of which side created the memo, I stand now by the comment I made in my original post -- I have nothing but disgust for people that would turn the [Schiavo] case into an opportunity for mockery or a political opportunity. I’d only add, regardless of which side of the aisle.

Whether eating crow or feeling vindicated, this might be a good time for each of us, individually, to quietly reflect on the stones cast “without sin.” It might be a good time to reflect on what Terri Schiavo’s life and death was meant to teach us -- not the other guy.

UPDATE: This is just getting posted becasue of Blogger problems. While waiting for Blogger to heal itself, I was working on some vaccine research. In this context, I just find it interesting that in so many cases today, first reaction -- FIRST reaction -- seems to be attack the messenger rather than the message. Just a thought