Friday, July 15, 2005

More Mark Yost Iraq controversy

Posted by Craig Westover | 3:38 PM |  

Check out National Review On line for the latest on the controversy stirred up St. Paul Pioneer Press Opinion Page Associate Editor Mark Yost.

Update: Opinion piece by Joe Repya, of Eagan, who is serving with the 101st Airborne Division in Baghdad. Speaks for itself.

Update: In relating its tongue-in-cheek "Top 11 Pieces of Dirt on Mark Yost" (#11. He served in the military), Sisyphus at Nihilist in Golf Pants lists at #2 "He has focused interest on his newspaper, and there is nothing a small, humble, second place newspaper hates more," referring to the NRO statement that Yost cannot comment on the controversy.

I have to admit, it's a bit frustrating to this hobby columnist that a mainstream media outlet -- any outlet -- would want to stifle a valid debate becauseit is a little controversial. "Freedom of the Press" ought to mean more than protecting the right to distribute adverstising. Isn't debate and controversy, creating an informed public what :Journalism with an Attitude" is all about?

The lack of the Pioneer Press enthusiasm to carry on the debate caused by Yost's column was not lost on my daughter "Justice is Blonde." Her suggestion for a PiPress slogan -- "Just like the Stillwater Gazette, except with a Sunday edition." I think and hope my hometown paper could do better.