Saturday, July 16, 2005

A rejection of honor

Posted by Craig Westover | 1:13 PM |  

The following brief statement was given by Rep. Mark Buesgens, R-Jordan in support of an amendment to the special session Health and Human Services bill. The amendment called for removing the 75-cent “health impact fee” on a pack of cigarettes from the HHS bill and making it a stand alone tax bill was introduced by Rep. Phil Krinkie, R-Lino Lakes.
Mr. Speaker and members --

A little history story about a wise thinker, one in fact some people say was perhaps the wisest man that ever walked the face of the earth, a gentleman by the name of Socrates. Socrates was put to death by his own people -- he was put to death. One of the reasons he was put to death was because he taught his students not to participate in the Athenian democracy. In those times, that was a very, very dangerous message. And in the trial of Socrates, he was asked, “Why do you teach this? Why do not participate in our process?” And his answer was that “No honest man can long survive in your democracy.”

Members, what we have in front of us, a “health impact fee,” is not honest. It is not honorable. Let’s restore a little honor to this process. Let’s take this portion out of this bill, put it in a tax bill where it rightly belongs. I would ask for your green [yes] votes on this amendment.

The return of honor sought by the few was rejected by the many.

[Video: 2005 Special Session - House floor session - part 2 of 3. Wednesday, July 13 2005 House floor session. Passage of omnibus tax bill SSHF138 and start of debate over omnibus health and human services finance bill SSHF139. Runs 3 hours, 6 minutes. Krinkie introduction of the amendment at 1:20. Buesgens remarks at 1:24.]