Thursday, February 02, 2006

President Bush's speech at 3M

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The Minnesota GOP released the following text of President Bush's speech at 3M

President Discusses American Competitiveness Agenda in Minnesota
3M Corporate Headquarters
Maplewood, Minnesota
11:50 A.M. CST

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all. Thanks for coming. Appreciate the warm welcome. Got to take my "post it" note off my speech here. (Laughter and applause.) My fault. (Laughter.) I should have cleaned off the podium. (Laughter.) I see the Governor out there -- he says, you want to have some lunch? I said, sure, what are you serving? He said, "Lutefisk." (Laughter.) I said, no, I think I'll eat on Air Force One. (Laughter.)

It's great to see you, Governor. Thanks for being here. Laura and I are delighted to be here at 3M. We're glad to be with the Governor and the First Lady, Lieutenant Governor. I was greeted by your chairman and CEO, George W. (Laughter and applause.) I'll just call you "W." (Laughter.) Thanks for having me. I appreciate it. I want to thank Jay Ilenfeld, the senior vice president, for the tour we just went on. I want to thank all the employees here for giving me a chance to come by and visit with you.

I really want to send a message to the United States of America that in order for us to keep the standard of living that we're accustomed to, that in order for us to be the leader in the world that we want to be, that we must remain a flexible, technologically-based economy.

Read the rest of the speech here.

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