Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mark Kennedy right on tax cuts

Posted by Craig Westover | 8:07 PM |  

This is among the reasons why, despite his foolish but less disastrous than the alternative, energy policy, Mark Kennedy is the guy to redeem Minnesota’s senate seat.
Kennedy Votes Against Raising Taxes on Minnesota Families and Small Businesses

(St. Paul, Minnesota) – Congressman Mark Kennedy voted against raising taxes on Minnesota families and small businesses by voting to extend components of the tax relief passed in 2001 and 2003. Kennedy released the following statement:

“I’m pleased the House voted to protect 15 million families and small businesses from tax increases. The tax relief passed by Congress has helped create over 5 million new jobs in three years. We have the lowest average unemployment rate in 5 decades. The stock market has rebounded after the terrorist attacks of September 11th and more Americans are realizing their American Dream by owning a home.

“In addition, we remain on track to significantly lower the deficit by the end of the fiscal year with the recent news of the Treasury Department taking in $54 billion more than expected in April. Good things happen when we leave more money in the hands of Minnesota families and small business owners.

“I strongly disagree with Amy Klobuchar and those who want to raise taxes. After 32 consecutive months of employment gains, raising taxes would be the wrong move, threaten job creation, hurt Minnesota families and balloon the deficit. I support making this tax relief permanent.”
Now, if he’d just go back and think about this -- “Good things happen when we leave more money in the hands of Minnesota families and small business owners.”

Congressman, good things also happen when you let these same families and small business owners make energy consumption decisions, when you don’t spend their tax dollars second-guessing them by picking winners and losers in the energy market. Consistency, Congressman. It's about doing the right thing, not just winning an election.

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