Wednesday, September 01, 2004

From the St. Paul Pioneer Press -- About Craig Westover

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We've also added a new voice to our opinion page, Craig Westover, who will write regular columns for us on state and local issues. You might find Craig's name familiar: He was a Pioneer Press community columnist two years ago and is a frequent contributor to our letters and op-ed columns.

A life-long Minnesotan, Craig has had a varied career that includes 15 years as a freelance writer, as well as work in corporate communications and marketing. He's ghost-written several books on quality assurance and is co-author of the humor books "Why Cucumbers are Better than Men" and "Why Beer is Better than Women."

"On one hand, readers will find my columns 'conservative' in that I believe in limited government, individual initiative and responsibility," he said. "On the other, they'll find them 'liberal' in that I strongly believe that in a free society half the time one must defend the right of others to do things one finds morally reprehensible. Government's proper role is protecting liberty, imposing neither artificial equality nor collective morality."

St. Paul Pioneer Press (Aug 1, 2004)