Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Edwards fans stay "on message"

Posted by Craig Westover | 8:31 AM |  

It’s reassuring to know that at least some Democrat voters retain a sense of shame, as reported in the Pioneer Press recap of Sen. John Edwards appearance at the University of Minnesota with “That 70’s Show” star (no, not Jim Rassmann) Ashton Kutcher.
University student Sarah Parr, an 18-year-old nursing major, blushed at the suggestion that Kutcher might have been a bigger draw for her than Edwards.

"It was a combination,'' said Parr, a Kerry supporter. "They didn't really say anything new, but I liked it."
In other words, she actually did come to see Edwards before she didn’t come to see him.

Not all students at the rally were shallow enough to be lured by Kutcher’s presence. Edwards was the draw for 19-year-old Minneapolis student Erin Martin. (You make the call -- were the article authors clever enough to sneak a double-entendre past the copy desk?)

But for 19-year-old Minneapolis student Erin Martin, the star power that dragged her out of bed was not coming from Kutcher.

"I'm in love with John Edwards,'' she said. "But Chris Heinz is also a nice-looking young lad."

Alas -- Martin’s attitude seems to confirm the “shocker” results of this post Edwards/Cheney debate poll.