Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Let's make this MPR wish come true

Posted by Craig Westover | 1:08 PM |  

The Minnesota Public Radio News team is interested in “insights on issues and events” that come from Minnesotans. Naturally, they draw their pool from regular listeners to MPR broadcasts and participants in MPR events. Surely an objective news organization would appreciate insights for all political points of view.

You can become part of MPRs Public Insight Network by clicking here.

Take the next step to becoming a valuable news source

We are building the [Public Insight] Network because we know your work, education, life experience -- even your hobbies -- give you more knowledge about some issues than even our most experienced reporters possess. And your insights can help us cover the news in greater depth and uncover stories we might not otherwise find.

Until recently we couldn't possibly hope to connect with so many potential sources. Now, e-mail and the Internet allow our newsroom to learn from thousands of Minnesotans quickly and efficiently. It may not be terribly intimate, but it is a step toward a stronger connection.

To take the next step, click here and tell us a little more about yourself -- so we can ask you for insights on issues and events that you have direct experience with.

Thanks for helping us cover the news.
The Minnesota Public Radio News team

In all seriousness, I personally urge readers of this blog to take advantage of this opportunity, but only with the sincere intent of presenting views not normally found on MPR. But if you fancy yourself a conservative Garrison Keillor, and see this as an opportunity for some cheap liberal bashing, this is not the way to do it.