Sunday, November 07, 2004

Pioneer Press takes on “sacred cow”

Posted by Craig Westover | 9:05 AM |  

Frankly, I was a little disappointed with the Pioneer Press post-election editorial congratulating President Bush on winning another four years in the White House. It seemed to back off the strong conservative principles of the editorial board’s endorsement of the president, hoping to see a “more moderate George Bush . . . re-emerge for a second term.”

My faith has been restored.

In today’s lead editorial calling for an end to the Milk Income Loss Contract Program, the Pioneer Press takes on the sacred cows of “family” farms and the necessity and legitimacy for government price supports for farmers and actually holds a government program accountable for desired results. It does so in a bipartisan manner -- citing Democrat Herb Kohl of Wisconsin and Republican Norm Coleman as those putting regional politics ahead of reality. The board correctly notes that President Bush was actually against the program before (speaking in critical swing state Wisconsin) he was for it.

Once again, the Pioneer Press editorial board has demonstrated the professionalism that separates it from the enemy paper across the river.

The Pioneer Press editorial starts from a principled base and follows that principle wherever it might lead -- in this case to a questioning both of the rationale and the actual benefit of government agricultural subsidy. And the editorial board is not adverse to criticizing the policy of “one of its own,” but it keeps criticism to policy and avoids the temptation to make the issue partisan and an opportunity for personal attacks.

Milk price supports might not be as sexy as many issues that made the front pages of the paper during the election or as widely followed as presidential endorsements. Nonetheless, the Pioneer Press editorial is another opportunity for conservatives to fan the flame of conservatism in the Twin Cities media.

Once again, I urge you to read the editorial for its conservative tone, and if you approve, let the Pioneer Press know. (Letters on their endorsement of President Bush ran something like 6-1 against.) While liberals are still in post-debate navel-gazing mode, conservatives have the opportunity to let the media know that conservatism is not just an election-year passion. It's not just about gaining power, but about using it wisely.

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