Saturday, December 18, 2004

READER RESPONSE -- Ernie comes down from the mountain

Posted by Craig Westover | 9:47 AM |  

Ernie Melby is a faithful reader of (and commenter on) my columns. He has a letter in today’s Pioneer Press that captures the feelings of many. As you’re so inclined, keep those letter flowing to the Pioneer Press -- they do make a difference!

Nice going, Ernie.

Lawn-sign silliness

The article regarding lawn signs still being displayed was quite interesting. Most indicated that they were making a statement, but what is that statement? To me, put in Bible language, it is:

Thou shalt not have any other God than the DFL.

Thou shalt not be tolerant of any opposing views.

Thou shalt not allow fundamentalist Christians to vote.

Thou shalt not love thy neighbor if he/she is not DFL.

Thou shalt not accept the will of the people.

We are supposed to be a democratic republic, not a Democratic republic. There is a major difference. It seems strange that the political party I remember as most open to divergent ideas has become hateful and opposed to anything not on their agenda.