Friday, January 28, 2005

Liar, liar II

Posted by Craig Westover | 1:41 PM |  

Finally had a chance to check out some of the reaction to the Pioneer Press institutional editorial praising Mark Dayton. People’s Republic of Minnesota sums up the reaction pretty concisely with the headline One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.”

Dayton v. Kennedy also takes the one step/two step angle.

Any ambitions the St. Paul Pioneer Press had to be a credible alternative to the Strib evaporated Wednesday morning.
Bogus Gold doesn’t pull any punches and blasts the Pioneer Press Editorial Board with a vengeance usually reserved for that columnist 9.48 miles west of the Pioneer Press building.

Listen, idiot crap-weasel editors of the number two local paper, leave sucking up to the DFL to the guys across the river. We don’t need two papers singing the same tune in this town.
As if to prove BG’s point, the Mark Dayton for Minnesota Official Blog posts self-congratulatory kudos for the St. Paul endorsement and Strib columnist Doug Grow’s complimentary title of "Senator Substance.”

[With a funny hat tip to the Nihilist in Golf Pants, does that make Bogus Gold a “Substance Abuser”?]

Can’t say I disagree with the Pioneer Press critics, but nonetheless, I have to beg a little slack for my hometown paper. [Full disclosure -- I am a highly paid influential member of the MSM (remove tongue from cheek)].

Word on the street is that circumstances left but two of the editorial board members on duty Tuesday, and the Dayton editorial was somewhat of a “mice will play effort.”

Nonetheless, the identity and consistency crisis at the Pioneer Press is highlighted when absence of a quorum can result is a wild departure from the reasoned analysis trend of recent months to a one-day turnaround of hackneyed praise for “pants on fire” rhetoric that is more appropriate 9.48 miles west.

I beg my paper a little slack until the “A” team is back on the field.