Wednesday, January 26, 2005

NARN to discuss constitutional aspects of smoking ban

Posted by Craig Westover | 7:05 AM |  

Ryan Pacyga of Pacyga & Associates, PA, the attorney representing privately-owned bars in Minneapolis and other places in Hennepin County will be on with the NARN gang (AM1280 "The Patriot") at 1:30 this Saturday, January 29, to discuss the constitutional aspects of the proposed state-wide smoking ban.

Smoking bans in those cities are set to take effect March 31--well ahead of the proposed statewide ban.

As Ryan notes, the majority of media attention has focused on the dangers of secondhand smoke. This is a significant issue, but it is not the only issue. Moreover, the popular opinion opposes smoking. The constitution protects unpopular things, and issues like abortion, gay marriage, conceal and carry and the like center around constitutional ideals.

It should be an interesting discussion. Tune in!