Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Smoking bans affect more than bars and resturants

Posted by Craig Westover | 8:15 AM |  

Below is one of four different 30-second radio ads sponsored by Meeker County busienss owners runing on KLFD starting today. It makes the point that smoking bans don't just affect bar and restaurant owners.

Terri (Terri and Greg – Acoustic Duo)
Cheryl Anderson (Heartland Karoke and DJ)

(C) I’m Cheryl.

(T) and I’m Terri.

(Both) We are against the total Smoking Ban.

(C) Part of our income is earned by providing DJ, Karoke and musical entertainment at area establishments.

(T) A total smoking ban would hurt us financially.

(C) I have performed in a non-smoking lounge in Meeker County. It is a great challenge to get people to come into the non-smoking lounge to dance, sing, and socialize. I am usually playing to an empty room.

(T) When I perform at establishments that allow smoking – it is usually a full house. We love it – they love it – and all the customers are having fun.

(Both) Which establishment do you think is making the money to pay us?

(C)We support the Business and Citizens for the Right to Choose

(T) for more information call 320-764-2530.