Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bachmann defines bid for 6th Congressional District

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From a release dated February 23, 2005:
State Senator Michele Bachmann, of Stillwater, on Monday February 14th, announced her candidacy for the Republican endorsement for Congress from Minnesota's 6th Congressional District.

The 6th District will be an open seat in 2006 due to the announcement February 11th by incumbent Congressman Mark Kennedy that he will seek the United States Senate seat being vacated by Mark Dayton.

Surrounded by family and friends, Bachmann declared: "Preserving the quality of life we have here in Minnesota requires a new and different role for the federal government.

"I want to increase the number and vibrancy of local choices in education and move away from increased nationalized education systems. I want to protect the traditional notion of marriage, as between one man and one woman, and will work to insulate it from re-definition by activist courts. I want to move towards healthcare that is more affordable and accessible, free market driven, decentralized, patient driven and less costly based upon unnecessary lawsuits, " said Bachmann.

"Leaving enough room for Minnesota values to succeed requires positive changes in Washington. I want to help bring about those changes," she concluded.

Michele Bachmann ­ A Local Success Story:

When making her announcement, Bachmann pointed to strong local roots ­ which she said has "always been an important ingredient" in her success. The two term Senator attended Anoka schools from elementary grades through high school, and has been an active community member in neighboring Washington County for 13 years.

"The 6th Congressional district is where Marcus and I have raised a family, and spent our life," continued Bachmann. Just prior to running for the Minnesota Senate, Bachmann was a full time mother to her own five children and the 23 foster children she and her husband Marcus took into their home. Her three older children will be enrolled in graduate school or entering college by the election in November of 2006; a circumstance that made her decision to run for Congress "easier to make."

In the Minnesota Senate, Bachmann is known for her work on education issues and as an ardent champion of local control. She played a major role in the drive to repeal the "Profile of Learning." She also became recognized as an effective and articulate legislator, and was appointed to the post of Assistant Republican Leader in charge of policy, by Republican Minority leader Dick Day. Senator Day stated he chose Bachmann for leadership, in part, based upon her ability to pull together large coalitions of people into the political process, many of whom were unfamiliar with politics.

Bachmann has also proved to be an able campaigner. In two successive bids for the Minnesota State Senate, she defeated two well-financed, long-time incumbents, including a senior DFL committee chair.

Due to redistricting in 2002, Bachmann has essentially represented two separate senate districts. In her first term, she represented the citizens of south Washington County, and in Bachmann's second term she currently represents the citizens of northern Washington and eastern Anoka counties.

A Reform Platform for Change in Congress:

"National security and the war on terror will remain priorities for Congress and our country for years to come," she said. "I support efforts to secure our borders to keep our citizens safe from the threats posed by radical terrorists."

As a legislator, Bachmann has also maintained a strong interest in issues that "affect strong and stable family life."

Education would continue to be a major focus for Bachmann if she is elected to Congress. "In recent years the federal role in education has expanded aggressively. I believe strong local control is the best way of insuring excellence in our public schools," she explained.

On Social Security reform Bachmann was likewise direct. "Clearly a major overhaul is needed," she said. "As the mother of five children, I find very frustrating that some members of Congress believe that nothing needs to be done to reform this system. I want to ensure that those 55 and older continue to receive social security benefits as well provide hope to younger workers that they will enjoy retirement security. Achieving both goals means that we need to get to work today."

Minnesota's Sixth Congressional District covers all of Benton, Sherburne and Wright Counties, and most of Anoka, Stearns and Washington Counties.