Thursday, February 24, 2005

Do Hindrocket and Big Trunk do pro bono blogging?

Posted by Craig Westover | 8:58 AM |  

Chad "the elder" from Fraters Libertas dropped me the following good morning email. And because a mention of Nick Coleman does for my site what a naked butt shot of Dennis Franz on "NYPD Blue" does for ABC's ratings, I figured I'd post it.

On his radio show today (which I enjoy listening to for some sick reason), Nick Coleman was going off on Mr. Westover once again. He called him a "hobby columnist", mocked him for getting only $75 a column, and offered to pay him $76 a week to stop writing for the PiPress.

Getting paid for doing nothing? Sounds just like the kind of offer that a liberal would make.

Pretty tempting, isn't it Craig?
Actually, I think paying to silence opposing points of view is more to the point, but Nick's paltry offer is hardly tempting. Journalistic whores must come cheaper in Nick's neighborhood.