Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Posted by Craig Westover | 2:27 PM |  

I may have hit a nerve with today's Pioneer Press column. More email response than usual and thus far all favorable. I'm getting the usual email from people who philosophically agree with the column, but also quite a few stories like this --
My name is Floyd Bedbury and I have been an athlete all my life. Two Olympic teams in speedskating.

I needed a hip replacement two years ago and when they found the problem I had the surgery in one week. I have a friend in Calgary who needed the same surgery and it took him 3 years and by the time he had the surgery the rest of his body was so worn down it is sad to see what happened to him.

I jammed a toe a few years ago in Canada and had an x-ray and it took 3 days to get it read. I love Canada but man we sure do NOT want any of this socialized medicine in this country.

My friend in Canada is still suffering because he was so weak it made it hard for a good recovery. I am 67 and he is 72 years old.
So, how long will it be before the "Taking Exception" article appears from the MMA?