Monday, March 14, 2005

I screwed up!

Posted by Craig Westover | 8:59 AM |  

Saturday the NARN Crew celebrated their one-year anniversary on AM1280 the Patriot. As one of "the usual suspects," I was scheduled to call-in with an over-the-top "testimonial" about the way that the Saturday morning NARN show has changed my life. I just plain forgot.

I got absorbed in working on Wednesday's column, setting up a phone interview, and didn't even realize I'd missed the NARN event until I ran into the Atomizer at a secret, undisclosed "palatial estate" on Saturday night. Duh!

I thought I had a pretty good bit lined up, too -- aspiring mainstream media columnist who finally got a regular gig with the local MSM only to find out that all along happiness was to be found in his mother's basement with a computer and a plate of fishsticks -- that kind of thing. But I blew.

So, with no pretense that I can eliminate my unjust slight of NARN, I'll try to assuage it somewhat beyond a simple apology with a serious testimonial that NARN has had an affect on my my brief career in journalism and my life.

It was Brian "St. Paul" Ward that first "discovered" my column in the Pioneer Press and publicized it to the blogosphere. Mitch and Captain Ed treated me gently on my virgin venture on the radio, and Mitch has been supportive in booking guests on the show -- even liberals -- involved in issues that are important to me and that I've written about in the paper. It was Captain Ed that got me interested in blogging, and Chad "The Elder" that first invited me to Keegan's -- where bloggers "with no social lives" tend to gather -- and where hours of serious discussion has passed mixed with trivia contests and talk of trivial local columnists spiced with adult beverages.

So, belated congratulations to NARN, as I lay myself exposed for the flagellation that is sure to follow. I hear conservatives are without mercy.