Saturday, April 16, 2005

READER RESPONSE -- No comment ought be necessary

Posted by Craig Westover | 3:50 PM |  

The email below to Hennepin County bar owners is loaded with lessons about the intellectual courage it takes to live in a free society -- a trait too many are sorely lacking.

Hi All,

Every day I hear from more and more business owners telling me the problems they are experiencing thanks to the smoking ban. I have heard staff is quitting because of reduced hours and lost tips, assaults and drug and alcohol use while customers are out smoking have increased, and city streets are a mess. I have heard revenue losses in Bloomington, Minneapolis, and Hennepin County down anywhere from 13% to 65%. One VFW has already informed their city they will no longer be donating charitable gambling revenues to the city coffers. All the while, surrounding cities and counties report record sales.

Now that the first week of fun is over, business owners and staff are finally realizing how damaging these bans are. The blood, sweat, tears and money we have invested into our businesses and through no fault of our own has many wondering how long they will be able to hang on.

On one hand I want to shake all these stupid, lazy apathetic bar owners and ask them where the hell have they been. On the other hand maybe they will now start helping to get the smoking ban overturned.

One Minneapolis City Council member is telling people he has not heard negative comments about the smoking ban. The ignorant and gullible officials we have elected are not only stupid but they lie too. I personally have sent e-mails and called this man several times. Would everyone take a few minutes to contact each and every city council member and Hennepin County Commissioner?

I am also looking for bar owners or staff to attend a city council meeting and a county commissioners meeting to request a repeal of the bans. I could use some help lining these folks up and would like as many as possible to attend.

Give me a call.

Sue Jeffers
Stub and Herb's