Sunday, April 17, 2005

Whine Blogging

Posted by Craig Westover | 5:02 PM |  

I heard that the Nihilist has joined Bogus Doug in wine blogging. This seems odd to me as I have always found liberals to have far more experience with whines than conservatives. For example, I’ve been served this one by a number of liberals recently over at the capitol, so I figure I might as well review it.

Today’s whine choice is “Private schools don’t have to accept everybody. It’s not a level playing field.” It’s preferred by public school superintendents and state DFL senators, but is often found at the tables of anyone whose meal is paid for out of state education dollars.

It goes well with fishy justifications and foul motives. But when the question is "Where's the beef?" this whine lacks the integrity to adequately compliment heavy substance.

Uncorked and allowed to breathe, it suggests a deceiving aroma of fairness with just a hint of hypocrisy.

This very red whine is an acquired taste, usually at taxpayer expense. To the palate it yields a slightly suburban bourgeois flavor mixed with the distinct taste of arrogance and just a tease of fear and self-doubt. It is definitely somewhat bitter, and for many hard to swallow. The aftertaste can last for years.

Nonetheless, it is an ideal whine for any formal socialist gathering or just hangin' with your comrades, although expensive at between $11,000 and $13,000 per guest unit, perhaps because it takes a village to ferment it.

Far less expensive private label brands, which generally have a more robust flavor untainted by unnecessary additives, are viable alternatives.