Saturday, May 14, 2005

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT -- David Kirby to speak on autism/vaccine controversy

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Note: The following announcement was sent to me by the sponsors of David Kirby's Minneapolis stop on his book promotion tour. I've had the opportunity to speak with David in the process of writing a review of Evidence of Harm and the several columns and posts I've written on this issue.

Kirby understands this issue for what it is -- a controversy. He positions his book for what it is, "evidence" and not conclusive proof. Nonetheless, equally compelling is the lack of serious condsideration of the evidence by government health organizations, which causes the controversy to spill over into the political.

Whether your interest is in autism or the way politics works after the last balloon drop on election night, Kirby's presentation will be of interest.

Additional Note: David Kirby will be a guest (via phone) on Taxpayers League Live on Saturday, May 21st during the 10:00 hour (AM1280 "The Patriot" or online here). Nancy Hokkanen, a Minneapolis mom whose child's autisitic symptoms were treated as "mercury poisoning" with positive results, will be an in-studio guest.


NY journalist David Kirby to discuss mercury in vaccines & its link to autism and attention deficit

Wednesday, May 25, 2005
2 - 4 p.m.
Lake Harriet Spiritual Community Church, 4401 Upton Avenue South, Minneapolis. Open to the public; donation $8.00 at the door.

Are American children suffering from mercury-induced autism caused by the very same medical procedures instituted to protect our health?

In Evidence Of Harm (St. Martin’s Press) journalist David Kirby explores the chilling possibility that the mercury-based vaccine sterilizer Thimerosal may be fueling an epidemic of autism, ADD, speech delay and other disorders nationwide. The book is the result of more than 2 years’ research.

During the 1990’s new vaccinations containing Thimerosal had been added to the already crowded childhood immunization schedule. At the same time, parents noticed that their healthy children were descending into silent, disturbed, and physically ill behavior after receiving vaccinations. U.S. autism cases began spiking, from about 1 in 10,000 in 1987 to a shocking 1 in 166 today.

In 1999, the FDA announced that children were being exposed to mercury at very young ages at levels 125 times federal regulations, but the public health establishment failed to take parental concerns about the impact seriously.

Kirby will discuss national politics regarding mercury in vaccines, and also emerging research showing genetic predispositions in a subgroup of the population which make them more susceptible to heavy metal poisoning. A question and answer session will follow his presentation. Kirby will also autograph books and copies of Evidence Of Harm will be available for sale.

Sponsored by the Minnesota Natural Health Coalition, Autism Society of Minnesota, BEAT-MN, Unlocking Autism, Vaccine Awareness Minnesota, Clean Water Action Alliance of Minnesota, Sierra Club North Star Chapter, DAMS, and the Autism Resource Network /

Information: Minnesota Natural Health Legal Reform Project - Jerri Johnson (651) 688-6515, A.J. Paron-Wildes 612/384-7388, Nancy Hokkanen (612) 724-5287