Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Trouble in Paradise?

Posted by Craig Westover | 7:39 AM |  

Looks like there may be some problems with my discovered namesake institution of learning despite it's great school songs (see comments).

The Mission of Westover School is to provide an environment that inspires the intellectual, artist, athlete and philosopher in each student. Westover challenges young women to think independently, to embrace diversity and to grow intellectually and spiritually. Westover encourages in each student integrity, responsibility, and commitment to community.

From Live Journal --
I don't know whether to be angry right now, or to just give it up. I used to joke with her about Westover turning her into some sort of snob. I didn't actually think that we'd be like strangers by mid-high school. And I don't blame her school. I don't have anyone to blame but her. And myself.
At least she doesn't blame Bush. Obviously this must be a conservative school.