Thursday, September 22, 2005

The next big thing

Posted by Craig Westover | 10:24 AM |  

As they say in the radio business, when watching the Vikings/Saints game this Sunday, turn down the sound on your TV and listen to the radio. I don't mean Paul Allen et. al. but the "Right Brothers" from 2-4 pm on AM1500 KSTP's "The Next Big Thing."

Pioneer Press Opinion Page Associate Editor Mark Yost and I, the Pioneer Press "Right Brothers," will take a look at the realities and illusions of the Vikings stadium proposal, applying a little logic and conservative common sense to the issue. Mark is currently working on a book on the economics underlying the NFL and has plenty of insight and opinions to share about what has and is happening around the league with publicly financed stadiums.

Of course, the issue of stadiums gets into the larger question of what is a "public good" and just what "fun things," as Governor Pawlenty describes such spending, should government fund, and at what level. If stadiums are a bad expenditure of government funds, how about the Walker Art Center and the Guthrie? Spending on the arts in general? How about parks and golf courses? What about education?

So if by 2:00 Daunte has led us into yet another inferno and you need to vent, give "the Right Brothers" a listen and call. Give us your two-cents worth on the proposed stadium deals or the idea of "public good" in general. Elected officials have told us that two cents (on $20 dollars) is not that much to give.

Update:Kevin from Mineapolis asks (already I sound like a radio guy) --
Target built a massive corporate headquarters on an entire city block on DTMPLS with the help of a little tax increment financing. Gratned, Target employs thousands of people, but why can we help out that billionaire corporation and not the Twins or Vikings?
Good question. Hope Kevin or somebody else calls in and asks that on Sunday.