Tuesday, December 20, 2005

When will they ever learn . . . .

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Coleen Rowley, Democratic candidate for Congress in Minnesota's 2nd District, asks the right question in a commentary on today’s Pioneer Press Opinion Page -- “Where have all the conservatives gone.” (I can almost hear “long time passing” blowin’ in the wind.) However, her contention that the Democrat party is the place to look for real conservative thought is ludicrous.

For in almost every sense — but certainly in the principle areas of fiscal responsibility, applied federalism, adherence to the rule of law, conservation of natural resources and national security — extremist elements have seized control of the so-called "conservative" (Republican) party and turned it 180 degrees, leaving most true conservatives behind and more than a bit confused.
If liberals could ever make a point without the ranting, they might be a force. Would that extremists had seized control and inflicted the turn that Rowley asserts. The solution would be easy.

However, it’s not extremists that Republicans need worry about, but the mainstream that has no problem supporting pork-laden programs for the homefolks, sliding to the left and jerking at the knee more than occasionally in response to real social issues. Rowley stumbles across some real Republican departures in areas of conservative concern.

Nonetheless, wading through the balance of Rowley’s piece it’s pretty obvious she has no idea when she hits and when she misses. She has no more concept of conservative principles than she has of her own party's collective predilection. (It’s more than a little symbolic that Rowley credits performer, Pete Seeger with the “gone to graveyards everyone” line rather than lyrist/composer Bob Dylan. She also misquotes it -- soldiers not flowers "gone to graveyards everyone." )

So true conservatives and independent-minded thinkers are increasingly abandoning the radical Republicans. Democrats, whether or not they fully appreciate it, in many ways have become the new conservatives by advancing fiscal responsibility, steadfast allegiance to the rule of law, environmental conservation, a return to federalism and sounder principles of foreign policy.

Where have all the true conservatives gone? Since our collective security hangs in the balance, let us hope they have not, like Pete Seeger's flowers, "gone to graveyards everyone." We need true conservatives to rise up and help lead us out of this Orwellian nightmare.
No Coleen, the Democrats are not the answer. Republicans make bad policy when they depart from conservative principles; Democrats make bad policy when they adhere to liberal principles.

When will they ever learn . . . .

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