Friday, February 17, 2006

A little discretion, please

Posted by Craig Westover | 10:57 AM |  

A couple of times a week I get one of those Internet emails that detail some lurid anti-American perpetration of evil by the enemies of conservative America. The latest concerned New Orleans evacuees headed for Salt Lake City --
As these passengers attempted to board the plane, the National Guard removed from their person; 43 handguns (it is Illegal to own a handgun In New Orleans ), 20 knives, one man had 100,000 dollars in cash, 20 pounds of Marijuana, 10 pounds of Crack, 15 pounds of Methamphetamines, 10 pounds of various other controlled substances including Heroin.
Simply not true.

Normally, I’d just trash email like this without a second thought. However, with more frequency they are coming from people that ought to know better and including on the distribution list influential people in government and the media. This kind of mass email only hurts, it doesn’t help the conservative movement.

It takes about two minutes on Google to debunk most of these emails. That’s two minutes well spent if it stops distribution of bad information. A little discretion, please.