Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ethics complaint filed against Sen. Dean Johnson

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MDE has posted the Ethics Complaint filed today against Senator Dean Johnson. From the statement of Assistant Minority Leaders Claire Robling, R-Jordan, and Mike McGinn, R-Eagan --
"Because we understand that if we do nothing we are giving tacit approval of unethical conduct, we believe further investigation is necessary.

"While we disagree with the Senate Majority Leader and the DFL caucus on a host of different issues, this action is not about any of those issues -- this is about upholding the integrity of our Supreme Court and the integrity of the Minnesota Senate.”
Ron Carey, chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party issued the following statement --
"While today is a disappointing day for our state, I am encouraged to see that Senator Johnson's unethical conduct will not be swept under the rug.

"Unfortunately, we have arrived at this moment because Dean Johnson has undermined the integrity of the Minnesota Supreme Court and Senate. Today's action seeks to uphold the honor of these institutions.

"It is our hope the Senate will deal with this matter in a non-partisan and timely fashion.

"Minnesotans should hold their elected leaders to a high ethical standard. Dean Johnson must deal with the consequences of his behavior."

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