Monday, May 29, 2006

11 Things I noticed about the Democrat Coloring Book

Posted by Craig Westover | 5:34 PM |  

With apologies to Nihilist in Golf Pants, here's 11 things I noticed about the Democrats coloring book about high gas prices.

11. Some of the letters are printed backward. This is reflective of the Democrats attitude toward education. Close enough is good enough.

10. The sun is smiling when the family is in the car driving. Wouldn’t the sun be sad that this family is filling the air with hydrocarbons instead of staying home on Memorial Day weekend?

9. None of the family is wearing seatbelts and the kid is obviously standing up in the back seat -- riding without a safety seat.

8. The family is a mom and a dad and a boy. This is offensive to single-parent households, same-sex households and little girls everywhere. Is it assumed little girls are playing with dolls and don’t understand oil economics as well as their brothers?

7. The family has white features. Don’t gas prices affect people of color? Or does the Democrat Crayola box have four colors labeled “flesh?”

6. The family lives in a single-family home with no other houses around. Aren’t they contributing to urban sprawl? Maybe high gas prices will force them to move into a sustainable urban environment of vibrant mixed-use development.

5. My Chevy Cavalier takes about 12 gallons of gas. The mother in the coloring book complaining about gas prices has used 18.5 gallons, which means she is driving a good-sized vehicle. Why can’t she save gas by purchasing a smaller, more fuel efficient vehicle?

4. Why is the sun unhappy with high gas prices, which will reduce miles driven and result in less hydrocarbons in the atmosphere?

3. The mother’s first thought about high gas prices is how it affects her. Why isn’t she thinking about how high gas prices will effect the poor and how high prices mean less driving and a cleaner environment?

2. Mom and dad know who their Republican congressman is, but they put up a “vote for a democrat” sign on their front lawn. Don’t they have a conviction about whom they are voting for? Or is the answer, simply not a Republican? (What does this say about Democrat marketing and planning to create a book with limited shelf-life?)

1. The title of the book is “My Memorial Day Vacation,” but it is all about gas prices. The child is a born Democrat -- Promising one thing, but delivering something else.