Sunday, May 14, 2006

Bachmann vs. Wetterling

Posted by Craig Westover | 7:25 AM |  

Just a quick thought --

A "wedge" issue is a wedge issue not because the side that raises it makes it a wedge issue, but because the side that is challenged refuses to take a real stand on it. I disagree with Michele Bachmann on the same-sex marriage issue, but admire the fact that she has the courage to raise an issue she feels is important and takes a firm stand on it.

If I read the Powerliberal live blog correctly, Patty Wetterling's stance, and that of the DFL in general, is that they believe the same as Michele -- "marriage" is (and ought to be) the union of one man and one woman -- but Bachmann is evil for bringing it up.

If that is not the case, and Wetterling and the DFL believe that same-sex marriage is a fundamental right and ought to be legalized, why weren't they raising the issue before Bachmann proposed the opposite?

The point is simple. I disagree with Michele in principle and can also disagree in practice because she has the courage to take a stand and I am willing to suffer the slings and arrows that come with disagreeing with her. How can I disagree or agree with a DFL that will not take a firm stand?

Wedge issues are good issues.