Thursday, May 11, 2006

Column runs this Sunday

Posted by Craig Westover | 1:08 PM |  

I’d like to think of it as a promotion to the big Sunday edition of the Pioneer Press or that I had some big scoop, but it was only a bit of email snafu. My usual Wednesday Pioneer Press column will play “the big room” this Sunday only.

What’s the column about?

Well, if this comment (and writer’s commentary) from St. Paul mayor Chris Coleman (that appeared after I wrote my column) strikes you as more than a tad bit collectivist, then you might appreciate Sunday’s piece.
We're no longer just going to allow anyone to make an independent judgment about what should happen in the city of St. Paul," said Chris Coleman, a former president of the Thomas-Dale District 7 Planning Council in Frogtown. "There has to be a community vision developed, and then we will proceed based on that vision."

What his philosophy bodes for development in the heart of St. Paul remains to be seen. District councils, environmentalists, preservationists and affordable-housing advocates say they see in Coleman a promise for renewed commitment to their interests.
Note that in the list of groups supporting the mayor’s position is not a single group that generates any wealth. Just “civic leaders” that want their visions implemented with someone else's capital and labor, creativity and initiative.

Here and here is your homework. Hope to see you back on Sunday.