Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A good question and perhaps a better one

Posted by Craig Westover | 10:51 AM |  

I'm not a big fan of the PR two-minute speeches to an empty chamber, but good question, nonetheless --

Mark Kennedy: Where's the Outrage?

Washington, D.C. - Congressman Mark Kennedy made this statement on the Floor of the House of Representatives today, following the torture and brutal killing of two American soldiers in Iraq.

"Mr. Speaker, where is the outrage? We hear stories today of two of our soldiers having suffered unspeakable torture, and left in a nearly-unrecognizable condition. Yet where are the cries of outrage against this brutality?

"Instead, we hear today of the EU leadership focused on closing Gitmo, and members of this body rushing to judgment on national TV before the facts are known about what our troops in the field have done.

"Yes, we should hold our troops to the highest ethical standards, but we must be outraged by acts against our troops.

"Our troops deserve our full support, and we must recognize the intensity of evil that we face, the lengths they will go to harm America and undermine our values, and the need to make sure we win this War on Terror to keep our families safe at home."

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A good question, but perhaps a better, more thoughtful question is how ought we best channel our outrage? We the people should be outraged by the intentional brutality inflicted on our troops. Those that would lead ought recommend what we should do with that outrage.