Wednesday, June 21, 2006


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We gotta have more than this? Please. From the GOP --
“Independent Leader” Tim Walz Raises Campaign Cash At Lavish Residence Of Angry Liberal Garrison Keillor

“‘Independent leader’ Tim Walz’s decision to hold a lavish fundraiser at Garrison Keillor’s plush residence tonight underscores just how out of step Walz is with the common-sense residents back home in the First District on issues like abortion and gay marriage. While Walz may enjoy his wine and brie tonight, residents of the First District will take note of his new far-left friends.”

- Ron Carey, Chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota
If this is all we got, let's not bitch the next time the Democrats try to tie Bush to Ken Lay. That kind of cheap shot is no worse than this. So let's not whine. Let's just look sheepish and realize how dumb this kind of release really looks.

Update: Or not --

Klobuchar Raises Big Money With “Washington Celebrity” At Lavish Weekend Fundraiser

"With her fundraiser this weekend with ‘Washington celebrity’ and 32-year Beltway insider Tom Harkin, Amy Klobuchar continues to undermine her own credibility. Klobuchar likes to criticize ‘Washington celebrities’ and talk about ‘change,’ but she loves when they help her raise the big money to fund her attack ads.”

- Ron Carey, Chairman of the Republican Party of Minnesota

Update: The GOP is briefer, but not better than the DFL. WE have no grounds to whine. From the Klobuchar campaign --
Today, our opponent Mark Kennedy is holding another big Washington fundraiser with his buddies in the Republican leadership. This time it's with the King of special interest money, Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.

Here's something you should know about Santorum: This election cycle he's received more money from special interest political action committees (PAC) than any other candidate in the country. That's right: He's #1! He's even taken more money from Big Oil than anyone other than the senior Senator from Texas. Now he wants to help his good friend Mark Kennedy share in the special interest spoils to retain a Republican majority in the Senate.

Tell Rick Santorum and Mark Kennedy that Minnesota is not up for sale to the highest bidder. Contribute to our campaign to "Follow the North Star", not the Lone Star, before the June 30th deadline!

If Rick Santorum is the King of special interests, then Mark Kennedy is quickly becoming the Prince. Tonight's well-heeled dinner with Santorum continues his pattern of courting special interest money. Kennedy has already had extravagant fundraisers with George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and Bill Frist.

In fact, while running for Senate, Mark Kennedy has taken more money from PACs than any other challenger in the country, including big bucks from Big Oil and the big drug companies. It is no surprise when faced with the decision to stop billions of dollars in giveaways for Big Oil, Mark Kennedy voted to continue the gravy train, while Minnesotans face $3/gallon at the pump.