Thursday, June 01, 2006

READER RESPONSE -- I wish I could get up the same admiration

Posted by Craig Westover | 9:20 AM |  

This comment posted in response to my Wednesday Pioneer Press column on Sue Jeffers versus the Republicans makes the point I was trying to make far more concisely and elegantly than I did. It’s also the point that those that would stifle Jeffers seem unwilling to address.
I still do not see why this is so difficult. Yes, the politics I understand. I will not vote for Sue Jeffers, probably will not even notice her dropping behind in the race. I will pull the lever for Pawlenty in November whether he is the best candidate or merely the lesser of two evils, though the latter is certainly a low bar, these days.

But what I would like is the kind of leadership that will stand before the delegates, announce that yes, indeed, we have strayed from the platform, and then either say we're sorry, won't do it again or, here is why we did what we did and we'd like you to agree with us. Again, I think the latter not only unlikely but logically impossible, but that doesn't mean the attempt should not be made.

I used to get a lot of letters from Paul Wellstone, and they all started out the same: "It appears that we disagree on this issue, but I believe ...." I had to admire that. I wish I could get up the same admiration for the leaders of MY party.

J. Ewing
Well said.