Friday, June 09, 2006

Tom Powers is wrong about Twins stadium naming rights -- A Top 11 List

Posted by Craig Westover | 9:47 PM |  

Tom Powers of the Pioneer Press wrote of the new Twins stadium --

In a perfect world, the Twins would play their home games at Kirby Puckett Field starting in 2010. In reality, that's not going to happen. It would leave too much money in naming rights on the table.

The best that baseball lovers can hope for is that the new park doesn't get saddled with a horrible name. Rest assured, however, that if the money is right we could be sitting in the bleachers at Viagra Field or Wart B'Gone Stadium.
I don’t know about Wart B’Gone Stadium, but (with the usual nod to Nihilist in Golf Pants) here’s the top 11 reasons why “Viagra Field” is an appropriate name for the new Twins stadium.

11. Erected by 2010, it promises quite an erection.

10. It provides recreation right in front of a solid waste removal facility.

9. It cures the Twins performance anxiety.

8. Now maybe the Twins will go all the way.

7. Legislators no longer feel so impotent.

6. It swells Minnesota’s civic pride.

5. Build it, and the fans will come.

4. It prevents Minneapolis from becoming a limp Omaha.

3. Conservatives find it hard to swallow.

2. Hennepin County gets screwed.

And the number one reason why Viagra Field is an appropriate name for the new Twins stadium:

1. The new Twins stadium eliminates premature contraction.