Friday, July 14, 2006

Jeffers to name immigration reformer as running mate

Posted by Craig Westover | 9:56 PM |  

Ruthie Hendrycks, who founded Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform, waves a U.S. flag during a rally calling for tighter immigration controls on April 29. -- Jayme Halbritter, AP

Sue Jeffers will name Ruthie Hendrycks, a Republican from Hanska in southern Minnesota, as her running mate in the Republican primary. Hendrycks is founder of Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform.

Hendrycks is an interesting choice. She adds another element of feistiness to the Jeffers’ ticket. Like Jeffers, her motivation for entering the race lies in dissatisfaction with the current political parties.

Also like Jeffers, Hendrycks lacks experience running for political office, but her work with Minnesotans Seeking Immigration Reform demonstrates an ability to organize. It also separates the Jeffers campaign from the open border philosophy of the Libertarian party, so expect the predictable Republican party “Jeffers flip-flops on immigration issue” release. The fact is, if immigration is the political hot button that Republicans believe that it is, Hendrycks, who has already walked the walked that Pawlenty and company are just talking about, may have more credibility on the issue with Republicans that are concerned about immigration than does Pawlenty.

Official announcement of Hendrycks will be made tomorrow.