Thursday, September 21, 2006

Remember when Amy's "Hero" Mark Dayton closed his Senate office . . .

Posted by Craig Westover | 4:02 PM |  

Message on Mark Kennedy's web site --
Message from Mark Kennedy ’06 Campaign Manager Pat Shortridge:

We were informed last evening of a serious security breach of sensitive Kennedy campaign information by a senior member of Amy Klobuchar’s campaign. Due to the fact this information was accessed via the internet, we are taking precautionary measures to protect our campaign information. We apologize for the inconvenience. The full features of our website will be restored once this matter has been resolved.

One page we are absolutely confident remains secure is our contribution page. You can access this page via a security enabled site by clicking here.
Must be one helluva an ad that was stolen. It does have me curious -- what revelation could Kennedy make in a 30-sec ad that, if prematurely viewed, could undermine his entire campaign and send him into a bunker? It better be something pretty special or Kennedy risks coming off looking like Mark Dayton closing his Senate office.

Going after Klobuchar on this is a worthwhile tangent, but it is a tangent. Republicans, not Democrats are the ones that can get back to emphasis on issues. Kennedy has the opportunity to define himself on positions while Ron Carey and company nag Klobuchar to death. Not the most honorable way to proceed, but the GOP doesn't need a password to walk in the door Klobuchar's folks opened up.

From the irony files: I wonder if Klobuchar will still criticize "illegal" Bush wiretaps. Or maybe she'll just go with "See, even my good DFL campaign workers can't be trusted not to spy on people. How can we trust George Bush."