Monday, October 16, 2006

The Differences Between Foley and Clinton

Posted by Craig Westover | 8:23 AM |  

Responding to a previous letter in the PiPress (Spotlight Letter not online), a letter writer on Sunday contrasted the Foley and Clinton scandals. Not going to get into the equivocation of “my scandal is not as bad as your scandal,” which is where the letter writer goes. However, the writer’s last point is worth looking at because it reflects a prevalent view.

“Finally, the Democratic Party does not purport to be the standard-bearer of moral values.”
The inverse of the letter writer’s point is that because Democrats don’t claim to represent moral values, it is not as bad when they fail to exhibit them. Is that really where a thoughtful Democrat wants to go? That’s the Jesse Ventura attitude of honesty is an excuse -- I am what I am so you can’t criticism my actions, and I need not take responsibility for them.

The shallow end of the population pool is made uncomfortable by people that actually believe in something. They revel when others fail to live up to the standards they set for themselves, while they don’t even make the effort. To enhance their own self-image they must tear others down. It is not enough for them to disagree with others and make their own case -- they can only destroy, they cannot build. They seek the comfort of equality in the rubble of achievement.

Eric Hoffer wrote “Resentment springs more from a sense of weakness than from a sense of injustice. We resent a wholly false accusation less than one which is partly justified.” Perhaps that is why the Pioneer Press letter writer was compelled to respond; perhaps that is why it is so easy for Michele Bachmann to tolerate her most vicious critics.