Friday, November 10, 2006

Sure Michele Bachmann won, but . . . .

Posted by Craig Westover | 8:06 AM |  

First, Michele Bachmann wasn’t going to win the 6th District because she was a right-wing kook. Then she wasn’t going to win because she was such a harsh contrast to the sympathetic Patty Wetterling. Then she was going to lose because the Mark Foley scandal turned the tables on her and highlighted Wetterling. Then she was going to lose because of her appearance at Living Word Christian Center. Then she was going to lose because no newspapers endorsed her and the Pioneer Press sacked her. Then it was her church believed the Pope to the antichrist (when sensible people know the antichrist is Donald Rumsfeld).

And then she won and so we get this --
Democrats could freeze out the 6th Congressional District if they believe Bachmann's hold on her seat is not secure, especially if she follows her past record of taking on highly controversial issues, said Kay Wolsborn, professor of political science at the College of St. Benedict/St. John's University.

"My expectation is that the Republicans remaining in the House are not going to be inclined toward compromise and moderation. Their assessment could be that they lost this election because they strayed from conservative principles," she said. "And Bachmann did not campaign on finding the middle ground."
So now her seat is not secure, and she’ll lose because she sticks to her principles. She’s bound to screw up. Okay.

The law of averages says that someday, Michele Bachmann will lose. (She has to keeping winning, her critics only have to win once.) For the sake of the psyche of her foes, I hope the wait is worth it.