Wednesday, December 29, 2004

FILE CABINET -- Maxfield School Controversy

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Among the many differences between Nick Coleman and the blogging community is that bloggers link to Nick's work so that readers can judge for themselves whether bloggers are accurately reflecting his views -- decide for themselves the knotty issues like whether or not "books in the classroom" can be inferred to mean "textbooks." Nick merely misrepresents.

Below are links to all of the articles that make up "The Maxfield Controversy," including all of Nick's original columns and Maxfield Principal Zelma Wiley's Pioneer Press OP-Ed piece. To Principal Wiley's credit, she posted my column along with her response on the Maxfield web site -- a far more honorable and admirable handling of disagreement than Nick's blatant misrepresentation of my e-mail in response to his criticism. It's all posted below, so you can judge.

Bloggers: I'd urge you to post your links to comments on Maxfield in the comments section. I've linked to some in my posts, but there are many great ones that I missed.

The ball's in Nick's court on the Maxfield issue; personally I hope he moves on to other rants. But school choice is still very much a front burner issue. I hope readers who may have been drawn to fisking will keep coming back to analyze the issue.

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