Friday, March 04, 2005

Educating a liberal

Posted by Craig Westover | 9:09 AM |  

I have this philosophy -- I really don’t give a dam what people think about me, as long as their opinions are based on fact. So, a little clarification for “rew” over at Power Liberal who writes in a post about the MOB --

. . . and Craig Westover, a [sic] op-ed at the St. Paul Pioneer Press who wants to be the Anti-Coleman (Nick, not Norm, although we could use a lot more Anti-Norms).
A couple of things.

First I admit that there is a certain pornographic quality to Nick in that he often has no redeeming social value but nonetheless appeals to one’s baser instincts. And like watching Anne Chovey cavort in “Spicy Pizza Girls,” reading and fisking Nick provides admittedly guilty pleasure that falls into the mixed-metaphor category of better to ask forgiveness than never to have loved at all -- or something like that.

But I have no desire to be the anti-Nick. In fact, I usually only read his column when somebody emails me about it. Apparently he spends quite a bit of time reading my blog.

Writing, a point Nick often misses, is about positioning one’s own ideas, not simply tearing down those of others. Irresponsible ridicule is not debate; controversy is not relevance. It was Nick who took the “anti-Fishsticks” tack in “debating” school choice vis a vis Maxfield’s alleged book shortage. Read the exchange here and determine for yourself, who’s making an argument and who’s gyrating for personal satisfaction.

And by the way, when the other Coleman steps out of line, I’ll be there.