Friday, September 22, 2006

Feel the love when Left and Right come together . . .

Posted by Craig Westover | 6:43 AM |  

And maybe, just for an instant, a flash of irony illuminates the scene.

From a comment by Patrick Lorch:
The lefty blogs are trying to make political hay over their perception that Mark Kennedy is trying to make political hay over an unethical act by a Klobuchar staffer.
From our friend REW, The Power Liberal:
Oddly enough, that may in fact be the most coherent summary of this whole thing I've read anywhere.
From Patrick:
The fact that you are agreeing with me on something frightens me not a little bit, rew :-)
Somewhere Rodney King is smiling at the love.

Update: At risk of being found guilty of penetrating the super secret barriers at the Kennedy web site, my secret source tells me one can listen to the Kennedy radio ads, which are really pretty good, at these links:

Kennedy Phone Tree Ad #1

Kennedy Phone Tree Ad #2

As my super secret source notes, "Besides, any campaign that puts 'sensitve campaign informaton' anywhere near their public web site is just stupid."